Discipleship Thought


Focus Scriptures this week:   Romans 15 :  4-13, and Matthew 3:  1-12.

As you read these readings, and with the benefit of hindsight, the underlying message becomes that many things do not turn out as we would expect –  or in other words, as Christians, we should expect the unexpected.

How many of us are preparing to do the same thing this Christmas that we have done for years now?  And when it’s all over we think  – nothing went wrong, all had on their happy faces, my brother’s jokes haven’t improved – but we survived another Christmas!  The same as usual.  ho-hum!

I challenge you to stir things up,  invite a couple of lonely neighbours to join you, or tell your kids that they have to organise the food this year, or, instead of a present – write a poem to your loved ones, or ???. 

If the joy is fading, if the season is without hope, if you get stressed out over Christmas, if you are putting on a show because you have to, rather than you in love want to,  force the change – and see what happens – you may be genuinely surprised.

Take a leaf out of the bible’s teachings, for in God’s realm, we should expect the unexpected.  Do not over-plan to the extent God’s presence can not be exposed.

Have faith in He who knows all, and allow His gifts of joy, hope, peace, and love to surprise you this Christmas.  May it will be a Christmas to remember. 

Blessings for your preparation, or lack thereof.   –  Pastor Dave.