Discipleship Thought


Focus Scriptures –  Philippians 4:  1-9. and  Matthew 22:  1-14.

The parables of Jesus, especially the ones that relate to the Kingdom of God, are lovely descriptions of the way God provides and cares. They are also, however, prophetic warnings not to treat God lightly. The parable of the evil tenants is one of the latter and very timely. How many times do we hear someone say, “Oh, I’m not religious but I am spiritual” as though the practices of faith don’t make a difference? Coming to the banquet table is a metaphor for accepting the invitation of God to come into the divine presence and receive blessing, nourishment, and celebration. 

The focus is rightly on the host and his or her generosity and the only true response is gratitude and appreciation. Self-centredness, that ultimately takes God for granted is a very shallow form of spirituality because it runs the risk of separation from others, especially others who are different, or worse, separation from God 

I have asked some pretty hard questions of late, that some have found challenging. This week I ask: How are you dressed?  I’m not challenging you – it is the Word of God that is challenging us all.  Blessings – Pastor Dave.