Discipleship Thought


We are invited to continue in the truths that come to us from the Scriptures. Jesus read Scriptures and taught in a Synagogue, a place of listening, questioning and receiving from each other.

We are the body of Christ, and all need to receive and hear from each other, so that we truly hear God’s Wisdom. We are called to question and learn together, so that we perceive when we are ‘itching to hear’ only the truths that suit us, rather than the full context of God’s Word. Following Jesus’ example, let us read and learn together. There are many interpretations, and always something to learn.

How do we hear the truth without looking to Jesus?

How do we understand, without the wisdom passed down to us through the ages?

How do we, as God’s people, live in today’s world if we only look back and not live in the ‘now’?

Constantly praying that God’s truth is revealed. Never be discouraged as God speaks to us in our context, through our collective minds. God prefers we all pray fervently and without ceasing, as we seek the truth, so that we act with justice and build a community of love, in peace. (Words for Worship)