Words From Rev Michele and Pastor Dave


Focus Scripture;  Genesis 45:  3-11,15 & Luke 6: 27-38.

Love your enemies, turn the other cheek, be kind to those who hate us.  Oh, if only!

In our world today, we are being bombarded with negativity, crime, and violence.  From the TV in the morning, the midday news, and spoiling our evening meal should you watch telly at the same time. Even our politics has succumbed to this scourge on society.  No escape.

The daunting thought is that the hostility and hatred that gives rise to war, terrorism, and bigotry, can just as easily reside in our hearts if we are not vigilant.  Humans have such a propensity for anger and division that it is frightening.

Humans also have a propensity for love and kindness, that can be inspiring.

For Christians, it is our relationship with God in Christ that lays the foundation for reversing this plague on our society.  These readings today often get discarded to the “too hard basket”. If anything is to change – we have to change first.  Prayer, the study of scripture, and maybe even,  taking notice and acting on what the preacher says – are all pathways to making a better, compassionate, tolerant life for ourselves and our community.

It is good to remember that we are judged by what we do, not what we say or believe. 

 Shalom, Pastor Dave.