Words From Reverend Michele and Pastor Dave

Discipleship Thought 21st April 2019 – Easter Sunday

Focus Scripture – John 20:  1 -18  ” I have seen the Lord”

The Resurrection of Jesus sits at the core of our faith – a basic belief that makes us Christian.  But if we look at this as a one-off event, then we have failed to see the Lord, and therefore the continuing resurrection that can happen in our own lives.

Mary did not see the Lord when he first appeared – not until he called her by name.

It is so easy to exist day by day, and not recognise the touch of our Lords presence in our lives. We can also fail to recognise the resurrection and new life that happens continually around us.  Mostly this realisation comes when we reflect – and pray.

Are there habits, or activities in your life that are not helping you live as you should?  Don’t be afraid to let them “die”.  Trust in God to bring life into new aspects of your life.

I have the honour and privilege in my outreach work as your Pastor, to walk alongside some of our communities less visible and desirable folk who are struggling to survive. So far, I have seen three people transform their lives. – a real resurrection – hope for a new life.  And God’s presence was acknowledged in each case.  

I pray that you too will see our Lord, and let him resurrect your life.

Pastor Dave.