Words From Reverend Michele and Pastor Dave


Focus Scripture –  LUKE 12;  32 – 40

In my sermons for this week, I concentrate on the second part of this reading, so here are a few words about the opening 3 verses.

” For where your treasure is, there your heart be also.”

Who could open up a cupboard in their house and still find a wedding present, or a treasured gift that was tucked away safe and sound –  not for everyday use?  And it is still there today – untouched. Is it such a treasure now?  Have we been a good steward of such treasures, or have we made them idols, never to serve their purpose. 

And us guys are no different.  My treasure was a new car I brought 15 years ago.  Cared for it, loved it, it kept me safe and sound for 452,000km. Then maintenance threatened to turn my treasure into a burden on my finances  –  so my 15-year treasure turned into a  $500 trade-in. 

Treasures can change over time.  Do we treasure our faith today as much as when we first accepted God as our Lord and Saviour – when our heart was on fire?

These first three verses of today’s reading encourage us to re-evaluate what we once treasured, and see them now, in a new light.   To understand that “where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.”  Does your faith still hold treasures that reflect the heart of God and that spark of joy?   I pray that it is. 

– Pastor Dave.