Words From Rev Michele and Pastor Dave



In a world in which happiness seems to be the key to everything, have we lost the power of lament? Marty Haugen, who has written some of our great modern hymns, has spoken of his sense that after the destruction of the twin towers in New York City, the American church had no songs to sing, no hymn that could speak into this tragedy. The Psalms are full of lament as are many of the Afro-American spirituals that we hold dear. So what is it that stops us from crying out and telling God of our suffering? Are we scared that God won’t cope? Or will judge us as unfaithful? Hannah goes to the temple and there she is found ‘pouring out’ her soul to God, speaking ‘her great anxiety and vexation’. In a way, naming her sadness and placing it before God, makes her able to manage it. Would it serve us well to take a leaf out of her book? (Words for worship)

Rev Michele Shumack